Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sikorski Credit Union Robbed Again

This will be the second time in two weeks the Milford branch of the Sikorsky Financial Federal Credit Union was robbed.

The robbery took place at about 12:30 this afternoon and a medical team was dispatched to the credit union along with emergency personnel and the police department. The robbery is still under investigation and one photograph (above) has been released.

Witnesseses described three hooded men entering the bank through the rear door, one demanded money from the a teller, the other entered an office and robbed a man lying on the floor. The suspects then exited through the rear door and made off in a getaway car described as a silver vehicle with tinted windows that may have been a Mitsubishi.

The police attempted to lift fingerprints, and used dogs to gather a scent. There is no comment on whether or not this heist was linked to the prior one. The police are also asking the public to report any information they have.

The person being treated was due to the anxiety induced by the incident and the overall psychological impact of the traumatic theft. (Photo of actual robbers.)

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