Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Weeks Real Estate Transfers

94 Coram Ln, Egidin and Lidia Testani to David T. and Emily C. Luxender, $575,000.

74 Elaine Rd, Susan J. Kozak and Florence M. Pipe to Steven P. and Thy Mclean, N/A.

86 Fairview St, Audrey Stella to Christopher Tube, N/A.

229 Lookout Hill Rd, George T. Hewriah and Pamela A. Morrow to Elizabeth Nemergut, $442,500.

436 Milford Point Rd, Rui F. Goncalves to Christopher J. Piatt, $205,000.

179 Robert Treat Pkwy, Michelle K. Schmidt and Indymac Bank FSB to Indymac Bank FSB, $1.

485 Woodruff Rd, Elaine Marie Fogler to Rachel and Scott Gaudet, $369,000.

7 2nd Ave, US Bk and Mastr Asset Backed Sec to Craig Rua, $216,000.

245 Acorn Ln Unit, Imran Mughal to Varaprasad Sikhinam, $415,000.

12 Blair St, Eva Wingate to John A. and Helen E. Dinoia, $240,000.

120 Bridgeport Ave, Christina Darcongos and Daniel Bagley to Milford City Of, $160,000.

653 Casewell Cv Unit 653, Radhika Mather and Bangalore W. Deephak to Angola Arnolle, $270,000.

19 Cedarhurst Ln, Raymond J. and Helen L. Belair to Russell G. Haderer, $345,000.

42 Charles St, Jonathan S. and Juyeon Ohara to Margaret A. Maloney, N/A.

72 Daytona Ave, Luis Sanchez to Kallima Clarke, $207,000.

70 E Broadway Unit 70, Daniel M. and Joann M. Rawson to Gina M. Marks, $330,000.

33 Foran Rd Unit 11, FHLM to Mark A. Pucci, $105,000.

141 Foxwood Close Unit 141, Thomas Goodmen to Jennifer Maglenian, $176,000.

316 Foxwood Ln Unit 316, Pamela K. Ganacoplos to Christine Paltin, $200,000.

70 Grant St, Joseph R. and Andrea M. Dente to Lauren A. Vasil, $250,000.

29 Greenwich Way Unit 29, Dawn A. Puchula to Daniel E. Nilan, $220,000.

42 Jasmine Cir Unit 42, Marlene Axelrod to David L. and Jean O. Mcgee, $401,000.

32 Main St, Andrew J. Broughel and Esther Ragausha to Ronald W. and Wendy L. Miller, $120,000.

14 Melba St, Robert and Janet Debroisse to Anthony J. Clemente, $525,000.

1006 Naugatuck Ave, Christopher W. and Arzula Sytnik to John B. and Crystal M. Sinnott, $289,000.

186 Penn Cmn Unit 186, Mary Anne Hulford to Emily Theodoseau, $195,000.

577 Pond Point Ave, Kathryn Franzman to Matthew Czaplinski, $205,000.

190 Seaflower Rd, Thomas H. and Ann M. Szymanski to Robert F. and Harry J. Smoko, $282,000.

16 Southwind Ln Unit 16, Jane E. Phalan to Margaret Sheehan, $158,000.

23 Spring Ln, Martin R. and Carrie A. Pastir to Judith M. and Helen M. Kelly, $280,000.

428 Swanson Cres Unit 428, Yinrian Lin and Qin Sun to Eilean Lasoro, $210,000.

85 Viscount Dr Unit 11b, Hong Z. Hang and Z Hou Yang to Barbara A. Coppeto, $320,000.

85 Viscount Dr Unit A63, James F. Delaney to Pamela K. Ganacoplos, $240,000.

49 W Orland St, Christopher J. Storm to Laura Hayos, $202,500.

347 Welchs Point Rd, Kennth Castias and Jonathan Burant to James F. Delaney, $275,000.

57 Wilbar Ave, Judith L. and William P. Stevens to Jamie Richtelli and Carl Charles, $425,000.

35 Wiley St, Kelly Ohara and Jeanette Blakeslee to Michael Meatian, $200,000.

40 Winthrop Ct, James and Richard Murphy to Ryan Murphy and Lindsey Hutchison, $270,000.

6 Woodhill Rd Unit 6, Toyce B. Smith to Bethann Balazsi, $160,000.

N/a, Thomas J. and Diane M. Martin to Airon and Jennifer M. Shoop, $340,000.

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