Monday, October 5, 2009

Alderman Rosen "Disturbed" over Richetelli's Claim

I have recently seen a mail piece for Mayor Richetelli’s campaign and I am deeply disturbed by some of his alleged accomplishments. The Mayor has stated numerous times that he lowered taxes this year, and that is false.

I worked for months with the other Democratic Aldermen to create a budget that ensured no jobs were cut and that city services would not be compromised. The end result was a budget that lowered taxes for all Milford residents. This budget passed without a single republican vote.

I am outraged that the Mayor would claim this accomplishment as his own, when his budget accounted for an increase in spending and, most of all, an increase in taxes. I feel Milford residents deserve to know the truth about this year’s budget process, not a misleading, election-year tactic on behalf of the Mayor.

As an Alderman seeking re-election I am running on my own record, I ask that the Mayor do the same.

Justin Rosen
Alderman Second District


Anonymous said...

This post is pure rubbish and this alderman is a joke!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Send me a factual e-mail and tell me why Rosen is wrong. If its well written and on topic I will publish it as a letter to the editor of this blog.

Please include your name address and tel. no.

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