Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Milford Kids Prepare For Halloween

Each year one of the most interesting and spectacular times in my neighborhood is Halloween. Where I live in Lexington Green, locals find it attractive this time of year. The community is a closed in community with about 450 houses spread across three very distinct developments.

The people in Lexington Green have actually grown accustomed to the very large swath of kids that arrive each year with their parents. The "Trick or Treaters" go house to house in their usual array of costumes scaring the neighbors in exchange for candy.

Last year I personally greeted about 500 hundred of the masked masqueraders right at my front door. The kids who arrived were not only limited to my neighborhood, I soon discovered that cars parked all along the entrance had kids getting out from as far as Bridgeport, but mostly they were locals right here in the immediate area.

With the large swath of open land, I discovered that many people in Milford, with kids, prefer housing developments because of the perception of safety and security that they have. Lexington Green is one such place, as it has lots of street lighting many responsible adults walking around with their kids and a large open green that is used to host an annual neighborhood costume party.

The association does not forbid outsiders from entering our community to "Trick or Treat" nor does it liberally advertise it. Hopefully this year will be a fun filled celebration that will bring lots of fun and joy to our neighborhood community once again. Certainly you are all are welcome to bring your kids to my house for a treat.


Unhappy neighbor said...

So do we send the bill for more candy to the "Please elect me for SOMETHING" campaign office?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the glowing description of our neighborhood. Since you have invited all your friends to come trick or treating should we address the bills for the candy to your business or home address?
Or when we run out of candy should we just send to your house to ensure that all are happy.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Well if any of you grinches wish to spoil the occassion do as you do every halloween.

Turn off your lights, pull all your blinds, and have no decorations on your lawn.

If anyone dare ring your doorbell, be sure not to answer as it might just be a 7 year old in a costume looking for candy.