Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Legendary Debate Video Is Finally Released

The Video below was the legendary debate video that sparked a volley of fire over the amount of time it was taking to get out. It is important to note that there were several other people filming this debate, the copy here is provided from the only camera that did not malfunction.

The footage belongs to Peter Spalthoff the Independent candidate for Mayor and its delay was a result of editing issues as the copy presented was never intended for public release. Since all other copies failed to develop, Peter graciously took the time to edit out his personal content and share the part the public asked for, the Original Men's Club Debate.

A Quick Note From Peter

I would like to list the “five essential issues” that are important to me and what I would do about them if and when elected Mayor.

1. Public Safety - I will make sure that we have the proper and required staffing in our Police and Fire Departments. Any short-changing in this area directly short-changes our community.

2. Education - I will work with the Board of Education and the Aldermanic board in a fashion and transparent manner that they have never experienced. I will make sure that the needs of our children are not only met, but exceeded in the areas of both their education and their learning facilities. Our children are our greatest asset; investing in them is our obligation.

3. Infrastructure – I will up-keep our side-walks, roads and public property to ensure that our city is safe for everyone at all times – our families, our young, our senior citizens and our residents with disabilities. I will make sure that we look inward to our existing buildings and not let them fall into disrepair, as has City Hall. I will preserve our history, because quite simply, it is irreplaceable. I will build a working relationship with our business community, to ensure they stay in Milford.

4. Quality of Life issues - Our parks and recreation areas will be constantly reviewed to see what we can do better with and in them. The harbor would be an area where I would consider adding one or two small buildings, like at Captains Cove. They can be rented during the peak season for City revenue. We could even ask the Platt students to help in the construction of them to enable them to build a sense of ownership and pride in their city. I would also like to see a children’s play area at Gulf Beach for the younger children, making it even more family friendly. I will adopt ‘green’ initiatives and policies when and where viable for our city and our community.

5. Transparency & communication – I will enable residents to have a direct voice in important financial matters by having a referendum if/when appropriate. I will make certain that the projects the city is working on and/or the money we are requesting from the State and Federal Government is public information, available on the City web site. I will make certain that many of our service providing departments are open to the public during off hours for everyone to access without being inconvenienced.
Lastly, but importantly, I will manage our city’s finances in a prudent and responsible manner. Only with careful financial management can any advancement of our city take place.

I hope this helps Mr. Silvers with his decision on who to support as Milford’s next Mayor.

Peter L. Spalthoff Independent Party Candidate for Mayor 2009

CT Bob Previous Debate From Condo Assoc.


Part 1


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