Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Environmental Concerns Coalition Hosts Mayoral Debate

Milford's local recycling group, The Environmental Concerns Coalition, will be hosting a Mayoral debate this evening at 6:00 P.M. The meeting will be held at the Milford Library located at 57 New Haven Ave. For anyone who wishes to call for directions their telephone number is (203) 783-3304.

The debate will arrive on the news that Milford's statewide recycling record is purported to be the worst in the state of Connecticut. The ECC set out some years ago to try and bring reform to our city and introduce innovative programs like single stream recycling to our community.

Currently Milford recycles about 6% of its renewable waste as compared to other towns that recycle as much as 35%. Milford is also met with environmental challenges from our current contractors such as RESCO, and Recycling Inc.

Recycling Inc. currently had Zoning and Planning deny their application to expand their recycling facility on Oronoque Road. Their permit became the subject of controversy when Recycling Inc. intended to import renewable waste by barge, train, truck along the Housatonic River.

Local residents in the area especially those living at Caswell Cove objected to the hardship the added commercial traffic would bring through their neighborhood. Caswell Cove residents also saw their taxes double in recent years and are already having difficulty maintaining their property values.

Residents in the area said "We have a power plant to our right, a sewage treatment center to our left, high voltage power lines over our heads and freight trains that produce seismic tremors in our homes behind us. But the tax assessor says we are Direct waterfront and that is true we have a beautiful view on one side, however expansion of a recycling facility may be the ad-infinitum to this development it would just firm up the belief that there is no place for homes in the middle of heavy industry. I am looking forward to this debate this evening to see where we end up on renewable waste management."

The ECC also runs an environmental Blog, with public events and activities, it can be accessed by clicking HERE. The main ECC website can be accessed by clicking HERE.

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