Saturday, April 23, 2011

Henry Kissingers Depression Is Good For Towns Everywhere

Best news I heard all week is that Henry Kissinger is Depressed because the people are waking up and his dream of a New World Order is fading accordingly. James P Tucker a veteran Bildeberg Reporter warned us that the worlds mega elite are in full retaliation against the masses.

Their meeting on March 21st in Switzerland reached a consensus that gas prises must reach $7.00 per gallon by 2012. This is in the hope that Americans and dissenters spend all their time worrying on how to survive rather than protest the the NWO agenda.
Lindsey Williams (Pastor to the Oil elite) confirmed last winter when gasoline was at a record low of just $60 a barrel that they were going to drive up the cost of gas and create instability in the middle east. He also said it was the wishes, work, and objectives of the oil elite to push gas prices to 5$-$6 a gallon by summer to satisfy the objectives set forth in previous environmental summits.
The ongoing Oil shock is attributable to Maurice Strong and UN Agenda 21 as described by the law of multiples (See Dr. Albert Bartletts Video titled The Most Important Video You Will Ever See CLICK LINK BELOW) to understand the urgency and motive the NWO has to deindustrialize Society, Create a One World Dictatorship, and depopulate the planet to the scientifically agreed upon numbers of the NWO.
One additional exciting point to report on in the war against the NWO has been the work of Max Keiser in exposing Rockefeller's bank J.P. Morgan Chase. Silver is on a roll as we have witnessed in the past few months. Max Keiser is working diligently to push up the price of Silver to teach JP Morgan a lesson in Naked short selling or the illegal manipulation of the COMEX. Soon Silver will cross the $47.00 mark when it does we can kiss JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve Good Bye. All throughout history Silver has traded at 1/16th the value of Gold. Gold is at $1,500.00 per ounce Silver at just $47.00 per ounce.
The correct price of Silver (Save the Naked Short Selling and COMEX problems) should be at about $90.00 per ounce. The stellar rise of Gold and Silver, the worlds oldest International currency for the last 6,000 years should make the Tea Party Patriots blush because when the dollar falls and a new currency in implemented it will have to be a Constitutional Bullion Backed Currency in order to function. This will by decree end the era of crony capitalism whereby central banks control money and populations first by inflation, then by deflation and ultimately induce recessions, depressions and inequitable distributions of wealth and poverty. Keep buying Silver anything, the less Silver there is out there the less J.P. Morgan will be able to obtain to meet the demands of it Bailee's who are increasingly taking physical delivery.
The implosion of the dollar will unfortunately occur through Hyperinflation, under Game Theory there is no other way this could play out and the CEO of Walmart recently announced that they are bracing for inflation within the next few years. Be prepared for a double dip recession and a prolonged period of economic stagnation.

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