Saturday, February 28, 2009

Milfords New Independent Party

Politics and Entropy have much in common in Milford. When everything and everyone is an elected Democrat, critics of the Milford Independent Party have invoked the spoiler theory. Let's say the critics are right and this new party does adversely effect incumbent Republicans that would mean a single party controls our town.

This would be very good news for the "out" parties, because in time as things go awry in politics (and they always do) the dominant party will receive its comeuppance by having frustrated their voters. We could expect their future votes being split in equal parts in more common three way races. No one will likely ever get over 50% in the years to come.

The Milford Independent party will be spending time looking for qualified candidates to fill every Independent seat in the next Nov. municipal election.

The Milford voters are expected to be the big winners and hopefully embrace more choices. Ultimately Milfords citizens will decide who the victors are, not the parties. Thus far the only challenge to the newly formed party is the light showing of former Democrats.

The Independent party is expected to build the Democrat minority in the years to come, by advocating those values that unify both parties and solidify our community. Much work remains, and at the moment Myself and Peter Spaltoff are independently working toward a platform that unites our community in an Independent way. The great showing at the first meeting has all but guaranteed our future success and strong momentum.

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