Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rosa Delauro Takes $200,000 Flight

Amid these difficult times, and under the powerful congressional scrutiny of Americas ailing industry, our Congresswoman Rosa Delauro boarded a taxpayer airplane for Italy. This plane, a U.S. government charter plane contained a contingent of house Democrats, who according to Lou Dobbs were visiting museums and enjoying what amounts to an expensive vacation in Italy.

As the United States is faced with its most challenging economic period since the Great Depression, and wealthy Auto executives are being chastised over the use of corporate jets on short domestic flights, Rosa Delauro and gang are going to Italy. The plane they took costs about $10,000.00 per hour to operate. The flight to Italy a 20 hour flight. The first 200 grand is just the opener because the Democrats still have time left to submit the rest of their bill to the taxpayers.

This disgraceful trip is now center stage news and has served to rightfully humiliate Rosa Delauro and her Democrat "buddies". My view on this besides its massive carbon pollution...speechless...with leaders like Delauro it's no wonder the country is in a ditch.

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