Thursday, December 9, 2010

Milford Daily Blog Welcomes New School Super Dr. Feser

While the local papers are just now reporting on our new Superintendent below is a small snapshot from the Windsor school district on her views.

Note From Dr. Feser, (in her own words)

"Welcome to the Windsor Public Schools! We are a school system that takes pride in its students and its staff. We seek continuously to strengthen the education that we offer our students desiring to prepare them to be intellectually inquisitive and ethical citizens who appreciate the richness of diverse cultures while embracing democratic principles.

For our students to be successful beyond graduation we recognize that the education we offer to our students must meet the needs of all students, and, therefore, we seek to provide programs that challenge students across the continuum of ability and talent. Increasing student performance remains our primary goal and our work toward this end is ongoing.

Our relationships between and among our Board of Education, the faculty and administration, and parents are critical, and we work hard to cultivate and strengthen these relationships. We are blessed to be a part of a supportive community, one that is rich in history and greatly values education.

The website before you aims to provide you with detailed and updated information about the Windsor Public Schools, its program, resources and services. Take time to explore the site and learn who we are and what we offer. "

Elizabeth Feser, Ed.D.

The selection is not "official" but likely Ms. Feser is the choice.

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