Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rosa Delauro The All American Communist Traitor!

Just some years back our Communist Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro introduced the Food Safety and Modernization Act H.R. 875, that bill passed and the Senate introduced its companion bill S.510. This week these bills are expected to be “fast tracked” and put into law as soon as possible.

When these bills are introduced and passed it is always in the name of public safety. Many misguided citizens were duped into believing that this bill is wonderful. They frankly believe that our leaders love humanity and find our health and safety very important. Rosa Delauro told us that it was her wish to protect her constituents from those “evil doers” that would feed us tainted unsafe food.

Certainly we were alarmed by the tens of thousands of heads of cattle that were incinerated due to “Mad Cow Disease,” we were also alarmed by the outbreaks of “salmonella poisoning.” We were alarmed again when our spinach was deemed unsafe and all the evil food producers, who through their own negligence spread hazards such as “hoof and mouth disease” and created unsafe eggs.

This all seems reasonable enough until of course you look at governments ability to "fix" anything. Or we can be smart and follow the money. To do this with sincerity it is important that we first have a look at all the people who donated to get this bill passed (CLICK HERE to see the list.) Those who voted in favor of this bill received vast sums of money from big Agra to support it. This is because they know that the guise of “Food Safety” is really more about “Corporate Control over Food Production Profits” by big Agra. The game theory is simple and most people who know Rosa DeLauro know that her husband has Monsanto as a client.

That aside is merely an insignificant formality compared to the new powers of the FDA. Prior to this bill the FDA was a friendly agency who granted approval of new drugs and food additives. After the passage of the Food Safety and Modernization act the FDA will have more in common with the FBI and United States Marshall’s service than a consumer protection agency.

While some have not denied that the FDA under the FMA lacks the authority to prosecute, arrest and confiscate all the goods and livestock of a family farm others dismiss it with ridicule saying that it is “unlikely they will abuse their power by attacking small family farms.” None deny they will soon have the authority to raid a vendor selling apples on the side of the road if they so choose.

This bill usurps game theory in a manner that will deliver windfall profits to the Big Agra Corporations who really dislike small farms and small organic farmers. While we are told the true intent of this bill is consumer protection, its result will be the disfranchisement of small farmers through enforcement threats, combined with unreasonable regulations searches and seizures. This will dissuade small farmers who are expected to be unable to compete with their Big Agra rivals. The "Motis Operandi" is to impose a corporate run police state.

This police state will undermine small farmers, hence delivering the Big Agra huge profits. This only works if the term "Food Safety" is repeated over and over again and combined with fear. Fear of "Mad Cow Disease," "tainted Spinach," "Contaminated Eggs" all of which are produced by the the Food Giants who exempted themselves from enforcement by writing special rules in the bill they approved for themselves.

According to Ralph Nader Most of the big Corporations in America are over represented in Washington D.C. and according to a recent court decision they have the right to financially exercise that representation in ways that defy, in my opinion, the conventional wisdom of the U.S. Constitution.

Moving forward, the small farmers in Milford are certainly going to have anxiety over how to keep in compliance with the very expensive and costly regulations about to be imposed on them. These regulations will require a Food Safety Plan being submitted, routine inspections of their farms by Federal Agents, new invasive taxes to support the expansion of government and most troubling any violations deemed serious could lead to the destruction of livestock and abject confiscation of all farm goods produced.

This bill has been deemed by many of its critics as being the most dangerous police state bill in the history of America. This bill has been called the precursor to the United Nations Agenda 21 and a global harbinger to the Global Food Regulations of the UN Codex Alimentarius. The elite of the world want all humanity to be completely dependent on them for food, energy, money, and security.

This giant globalist leap forward marks a great victory against the basic rights of individuals and challenges the very warning given to us by our founders who said: “When you depend on Government to give you all that you have, you have given them total control over your lives and unknowingly permitted them to take it all away when they are ready.”

For more information on how to fight Food Fascism visit Dr. Reta Lebo's website.
Above Photo is Rosa Delauro Embracing Joelle Fishman Chair of the Communist Party in New Haven.


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