Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Come march with us in this years Memorial Day Parade!

Dear Independents, Bring an American Flag, dress up in Red White and Blue, or do something patriotic with us this Independence Day!
We are calling out all Milford Independents to come and Join us in our 3rd, Annual March in the Milford Memorial Day Parade.
Do not be shy, join us in the parking lot next to the Parsons building and assemble with us, or you can join us mid route. Just step off the Green and show your solidarity and support for Honest People, For Honest Government.
This should be a very spirited and excitingly fun day and I look forward to you joining us any way you can even if that is in spirit, and/or with your votes come 2013. We all work very hard to bring you those people who adhere to Americas good old fashioned values of Freedom, Liberty, Integrity, and Honesty and most of all we embrace our nations greatest creation ever devised for the benefit of not only us and our families, but the people of the world who mimic its principles, the U.S. Constitution.

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