Sunday, June 2, 2013

Connecticut State Rep Dave Rutigliano 123rd, Fights for Independent Party

Just heard from Representative Dave Rutigliano our cross endorsed Independent Republican from Trumbull on the Independent Party name issue. For those of you who do not know Dave, he is the owner of SBC restaurants and this is his first term as a state Representative in Trumbull CT. He is regularly in Contact with the Milford Independent party and has been fighting for us since I brought the Independent name challenge to his attention about a month ago. This evening at about 4:00 P.M. 5/31/3013 he called to let me know that he was able to take part in, and work toward a compromise on the use of the Independent Party name. Dave said that he is not entirely happy with the compromise that was reached, but is happy that we can still use our name and still appear on the ballot as the “Independent Party.”

The part of the compromise that has him disappointed is what he refers to as a “dilution” effect of the current compromised bill. This “dilution” in his view gives a misleading advantage to petitioning candidates who will appear on the ballot as “Independent” in opposition to “Independent Party.” It is my personal opinion that this violates the equal protection clause of our state and federal constitution. Since we cannot form a squatting party of “Independent Republicans,” or “Independent Democrats,” the sponsors of this bill have created a separate set of rules that protect their respective parties interests, while ours does not garner the same, or equal protection from dilution or encroachment. Dave has asked, that we contact the office of Dan Malloy, Mr. Lawlor, and even our local and state senators and express our objection to the name encroachment being given to non-members of any squatting party, or non-party, let alone ours.

State Central Committee Leadership, and the embattled chair of the State Independent Party gave his first inclination that the use of the word "Independent" across all non party lines could potentially be "Positive for the Independent Party." Mike said that "Lowel Weiker and Joe Lieberman were both repeatedly called Independent by the state media despite the fact that neither one  were members of any party bearing the name Independent." Mike believes that the added use of the name on statewide ballots will reinforce our legitimacy as a party.

State Senator John McKinney also came to the table and called the bill Unconstitutional, a “disgusting, arrogant power grab,” by the Democratic majority. To read more on this issue click the link below to be redirected to CT Newsjunkie.

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