Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eisenhower Park Blighted And Vandalized

Each year the city of Milford spends a considerable sum on Eisenhower Park, this year we are celebrating the construction of Bodie's Place, a playground built with the donations and generosity of Milford Residents. The playground proudly bears the name of a young local child who was stricken with a deadly and debilitating disease.

The vandals on the other hand have no consideration, nor do they care to keep their community nice. They instead have spray painted every building in the Park with their rebellious message "Devon Taggin Crew." Ordinarily, one would expect that this sort of problem would be taken care of. We have websites in town like "seeclickfix" and local "blight laws" where these issues are reported. There are also several "Earth Days," and "Green Events" that the locals engage in and volunteer for. The city of Milford also pays a handsome price to have scores of city employees take care of the grounds at the park. This graffiti (featured in the photos) has been present now for several months and its everywhere in the park.

The utility poles, the old cabana, the dog park, the veterans concession building, etc.. etc.. all marred and vandalized with graffiti. Locals who are attending the park with their dogs, are hiking or riding horses pass by this blight and question where the money is being spent in Eisenhower Park one would think that the most obvious problems would be addressed first and foremost.

One such individual said "every year thousands of dollars are spent on worthless studies and every year the park looks more scuffled, what are they going to do when the vandals spray paint the their pride and Joy... Brodies Place will they clean it up then?"

Thus far several complaints have been made by locals under the new city blight complaint and it would appear that Milford has been slow in responding to its own complaints. Personally I feel the city should be complying with the very law it intends the rest of us to follow. This week we need to urge the city to clean up the blight at Eisenhower Park and keep our city looking attractive.

Photos in this caption depict the (Top) the main capana at the park entrance. Middle Photo is the rear of that same building. The photoe to the bottom left is a 135' hight utility pole belonging to the Middletown Power Grid. This pole is located to the far left corner of the main field where the bleachers are located. Photos taken by myself (Rocco Frank) on 3/14/2011.

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