Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Milford Independents Elect A New Slate of Officers

The Milford Independent party met at Cabo last week and held the annual election of officers for the year 2011. The current Chairman, Rocco Frank thanked the group for taking the time to come out and be involved in the local political landscape.

Frank reminded and encouraged the group as to how important it is to win over the "hearts and minds of the voters." Frank said that the "Milford Independent Party is like a seed firmly planted in the community, and over time will grow and bear fruit." Frank said that Independents in Milford have just as good a chance as any other candidate, reminding the Independents in attendance that the party is built on the success of others including the late Charles Iovino Milford's last Independent Mayor from 1959-1963.

Frank said that when you win over the "hearts and minds of the local people miracles can happen, when Joe Lieberman ran as an Independent he won, when Lowell Weiker ran as an Independent he won, and who can forget Americas most famous Independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg of nearby New York.

Frank added in his closing remarks that the Independent party is the engine that will "work tirelessly for the right candidate and still to this day we seek that impressive leader who will fearlessly lead, not through politics, but through the long coveted "truth" a truth that longs to resonate with Milford's voters who are overdue for a great leader."

The 2011 slate of officers were elected as follows: Chairman: Rocco Frank Jr. (Second Term) Vice Chairman: Steve Borer Treasurer: John Grant and Secretary: Dick Sieron (Replacing Todd Casey)

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