Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stamford Independents Nominate Monique Thomas For State Rep. 148th District

The Stamford Independent Party nominated and endorsed Monique Thomas for state Representative last week. Monique is a new force among an emerging and dynamic Independent Party across the state of Connecticut.

Monique greeted several of her supporters, fans, and members of the state central committee at an endorsement rally in Stamford Connecticut. Monique addressed her supporters with energy and enthusiasm.

Monique is a Taxpayer advocate, who proudly signed a pledge that she will "oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes" in the state. Monique is categorized by those who know her best as a fiscally responsible individual who is charismatic and full of positive energy.

Mike Telesca, the Chairman of the State Independent Party, and also the person responsible for candidate endorsement for several local Independent Town Committees throughout the state of Connecticut, said that Monique "is a welcome addition to the Independent Party and there is no doubt that she will be a shining example of the passion and commitment Independents so proudly resonate every place they go."

Monique is a cut above all her opponents, is a family oriented individual and an advocate for fairness, job security, veterans, the disabled, and education. Her record of fundraising, and working across the board for several political campaigns is a truly remarkable one that in my personal opinion, places her among the most dynamic and responsible candidates to date. Please give your support to Monique Thomas this election by coming out to vote for her in what will assuredly be a very competitive midterm election.

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