Saturday, May 7, 2011

Milford's Ungrateful Republican Remarks

Someone once told me that a paradox is something whose very presence poses a whole new set of problems. If there is any such thing in Milford it’s the two party system and the never ending need for each of them to find fault with one another; even when things go their way.

This evening I just read the article at the New Haven Register, and Republican Town Chair Tom Jagodinsky was angry with Gayle Slossberg because in his opinion "she did not come out soon enough against the Malloy budget." Tom felt that this delay was instrumental in why perhaps other state Senators were also not "persuaded to vote with Gayle."

Tom failed to mention that the Senate debated this issue in chambers for 10 Hours before anyone casted a single vote. Tom also failed to mention that every one of our local Democrat State Representatives in Milford voted against their respective parties. Gayle also had two of her Democratic colleagues vote with her in the Senate.

Aside from the fact that Gayle did a very brave and remarkable thing, you would think that the Milford Republican Party would be happy. Of course not because political parties are never about the consent of the governed and here in Milford what is more transparent than that. Tom Jagodinski's remarks that Gayle is somehow a terrible "game player" who should have exposed her vote sooner really needs to listen to her speak in the Senate PRIOR TO THE VOTE.

Gayle and every Democrat in our town should be praised and congratulated. From our newest freshman Kim Rose to the rest of the courageous legislators including Paul Davis and Dick Roy. They all acted Independently and responded to the consent of the governed. This is good leadership and Tom Jagodinski, and his caustic bitter remarks ought to be ignored because they are damaging. They are damaging not only to the Republican Party in Milford but to the Independent progress the people of our community demand of our leaders. The people of Milford elect their leaders to vote their Wishes, not the REPUBLICAN PARTY OR DEMOCRATIC PARTY WISHES!

The people of Milford want free thinking independent Representative leaders. Both party leaders always complain over the "hive" votes. They always point to "sock puppet" candidates and all those things that ignore what is best for all of us who live in Milford. Never will I say that I agree with all that the Democrats do, or all that the Republicans do, but on this one vote I do find it particularly upsetting that Jagodinsky has to be critical of Gayle Slossberg. He should just humble himself and be thankful she saw things his way.

Rocco J. Frank Jr.

MIP Chair

The Senate Debate will be posted here where you can hear Gayle Speak to the Senate.

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