Friday, May 6, 2011


Dear Independents, So many interesting, and exciting things happening around Milford these days. The most impressive being that all our local representitives in Milford are acting Independently. All Four of them voted against their respective party and heard our message. A message that was crystal clear that “the people of Milford and our state can't afford to reach deeper in their pockets to fund pet political projects.”

We are certainly part of that value system that has been instrumental in waking up our local legislators. However, despite their courage, and brazen defiance of their respective parties, the 4.1 Billion dollar measure passed anyway and now these costs will be "coming home to roost" right here in our own community.

Our town schools have been denied money from the Federal Government, and next year the state will cut us back again. This means that pressure will be placed on property owners everywhere in our state. MBA Chair Greg Smith confronted school administrators in a heated debate last week when he said “Milford closed a school and student enrollment keeps declining” challinging their numbers he asked “why are costs still rising?”

These budget challenges have now made it imperative that we "pick up the torch" this campaign season and once again let our voices be heard loud and clear. We must speak the “truth” to our towns leaders every opportunity we have. George Orwell once said "that in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

This next meeting we will be planning to march in the upcoming Memorial Day Parade, Renew our usual slot in the Oyster Festival, and enroll candidates for office in the 2011 municipal election cycle.

Our mission in this coming election will be the continued communication of the importance of traditional American values rooted in a constitutional form of government. Our foundation in the independent party is simple “we do not tolerate those elected officials who lie cheat or steal.” This latest massive tax increase being the greatest act of defiance, one that ingnored the consent of the governed.

The next meeting is Thursday May 19th at 7:00P.M. at the Great River Golf Course in Milford. Their address is: 130 Coram Lane Milford, CT 06461-1605 (203) 878-9623

We will do the same format as the Costa Azurra meeting, (order appetizers courtesy the Independent Party) and collect a donation during the meeting. Donations are entirely based on what you can afford to give and there is no committment required on your part to give. However, we do count on your support and always appreciate and thank everyone who has donated so generously in the past. There is also a cash bar available for any one who wishes to have a drink. Newly registered Independent party members get their first Free drink on us.

For questions or comments please call me at (203) 247-4357.

Rocco Frank Chairman Milford Independent Town Committee

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