Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rep. Kim Rose Changes Vote Against CT Tax Hike

Kim Rose our new freshman representative was expected to vote in favor of the labor unions who are demanding taxpayers fund their ambitions and perceptions of fundamental fairness. Kim Rose was cross endorsed last election by the Working Families Party of which has an agenda that has nothing to do with Working Families, unless of course those families are members of an organized labor union.

This concern arrives on the heels that Paul Davis, and Rich Roy both joined a small minority of Democrats who are opposing the state budget as was approved by the State Senate. Gayle Slossberg, also and Independent Democrat opposed the tax hike. Kim Rose was not mentioned as part of the Milford Dissenting Democrats. In 2010 she was endorsed by the labor unions who rendered her additional votes in the last election in the 118th.

While the final word on this massive state budget is expected to be the subject of a fierce battle in the state house, it has become imperative to demand that our legislator represent the wishes of her contituents and not the benefits and pay increases of the Labor Unions and the Working Families Party. Reputable polls including those put forth by the Yankee Institute at the link below paint a compelling picture that the people of our state are taxed enough, and do not want to lose their home buyer credit, nor do they want to pay more for gasoline, over the counter medicine, and see an increase in the sales tax.

For this reason we need to contact Ms. Rose and tell her we object to her siding with the "Tax and Spenders" in Hartford and show some compassion and respect toward the people who elected her. Your relentless pursuit of expressing your economic concerns over higher prices for all in Milford are ernestly solicited.

Kim Rose Voted Against the CT's largest tax hike. Thank you Ms. Rose.

Latest Poll on CT Tax increases. 

  • By 73-15%, voters oppose eliminating the $500 property tax credit (least popular)

  • By 68-21%, voters oppose creating a state earned income tax credit

  • By 67-31%, voters oppose increasing the gas tax

  • By 60-34%, voters oppose eliminating sales tax exemptions

  • By 54-38%, voters oppose increasing the income tax

  • By 53-43%, voters oppose increasing the sales tax

  • By 71-20%, voters support seeking concessions from state employees (most popular)

  • By 68-39%, voters support increasing tobacco and alcohol taxes

  • By 47-28%, voters support budget cuts in social services and higher education


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