Friday, July 24, 2009

Current Zoning Law May Make Flagpoles and Basketball Hoops Illegal

According to John Grant, the Milford Independent Party candidate for Zoning and planning, an outrageous new revision was made to Milford's zoning laws. The section in question 4.1.1 and (listed on the P&Z website) defines a STRUCTURE as follows:

STRUCTURE - Anything constructed or erected which requires location on the ground or attachment to something having a location on the ground. Except as otherwise indicated, "structure" as used in these regulations shall be deemed to include buildings, swimming pools, open entries, signs, and fences or walls more than three feet in height other than retaining walls.

This vague definition can apply to just about anything over three feet high and not excepted. This includes your flagpole in your yard, your kids basket ball hoop or maybe more infuriating your outdoor fire pit or artwork.

Furthermore, and according to John Grant "this section is in conflict with other zoning sections and I understand 'un-officially' they are thinking of changing the definition of structure to make this cause less violations."

The thought of redefining the word "structure," however prudent, does not change the fact that the P&Z may have made lawbreakers out of thousands of citizens in town who erected basketball hoops and flagpoles.

John Grant, said that if he is elected he will vow to fight vague zoning definitions and support Milford"s citizens who wish to erect reasonable patriotic or sporting products. While he does not believe that all zoning laws are bad, he does believe that greater care must be given to language that is too loosely defined.

Grant also believes, that many Zoning laws lack a proper enforcement apparatus citing that the enforcement section of city hall is understaffed and ill prepared to actually engage in enforcing anything that has not sparked public outrage.

To read more about John Grant click on the link below to visit his profile.

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