Thursday, July 30, 2009

Milford Democrats Dine on Lobster as Taxpayer "Hardship" Increases

This post is to express my disagreement for what amounts to Milford's Democrats alarming choices of candidates. While no disrespect is intended to any of their candidates personally, politically I must take issue and point out my concerns.

On the choice for Rep. Roy to run for city clerk as a "Retirement Job," as I understand it is perfectly legal for Mr. Roy to run for a second full time job, and collect a second government salary (this could also be in addition to extended healthcare benefits and also a lifelong state pension). This in my opinion is outrageous and Lambert's defense of it wrong. Roy's nomination directly usurps the job of City Clerk whereby absenteeism, retirement, profiteering and cronyism becomes the new hallmarks of a Milford City Clerk. While I personally deplore any politician working one set of hours for two full time salaries, I would hereby hope that Rep. Roy is ethical enough to immediately announce his resignation from the legislature if he is elected to the position of Town Clerk. I would also hope he takes the job seriously and not treat it as his "Retirement Nest Egg." This is the right thing to do.

Their other choice Ms. Salvatore, I cannot really say much, other than she is very new to our city. She, having lived here for such a short time, is a complete stranger to just about everybody I know. Personal comments about her to me, and on blogs, show grave concern that her ambitions and personal agenda will supersede any benefit to Milford.

The people in Milford need to remember that you get the government you vote for, and if anyone votes based on their "friendship" than know that your "friends" may disappoint you come tax time, school time, or when you need emergency services. Personally I support Peter Spalthoff and the Independent Party, however, I really do feel for Tim Chaucer who was "short changed" by his party. I personally wish him success in his primary because I believe he is more deserving of Milfords respect than Ms. Salvatore.


Anonymous said...

Yeah....I'm sure no Republicans were at the lobster fest. They stay home and worry about our future and never leave their houses. What stupid title!!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Looks like Republicans and Democrats alike will be eating lobster for many years to come. Especially Dick Roy and Richetelli. Both stand to make a lucrative lifestyle out of public funds. Local Republicrats are making the spoils of public service into a mini Banana Republic.