Friday, July 10, 2009

Soon After Opposing Law Construction, Richetelli And Lambert Condemn Boardwalk Cancellation

Just a few short days ago I was at city hall fighting for the Jonathan law expansion with Peter Spalthoff, and the city Alderman agreed with us that education is important. The Alderman Voted in favor of the Bonding and the kids of Milford scored a small victory.

This Boardwalk story today is a parody of this subject, and in lieu of those events has brought me a smile with some great irony. The irony here is that Lambert was absent at the Jonathan Law Meeting, she made no known comment on the school cutbacks, while Richetelli said the city is struggling and this is not the "right time" to be spending money on fixing up our schools.

Jonathan Law's Principal along with a platoon of concerned citizens asked for our kids to have proper facilities built including one Law student who said the condition of the restrooms are of grave concern and somewhat of a "joke" with the student body.

Still yet these important issues, (and after a few short days) are long forgotten, because Lambert and Richetelli would rather ignore the issue of Jonathan Law students being educated on carts, and "fly" down to the beach to demand our financially strapped state build Milford a giant Boardwalk.

Lambert has been heavily favored by the elderly here in town, as she herself is a volunteer and a senior at the Milford senior center. It is no secret that seniors in Milford are Anti-Education as they have made their voices heard loud and clear during the last tax increase. Lambert also received much needed support from seniors and has done little to push for a world class school system here in Milford. Lambert appears to support much of what seniors want.

While I must sit back in awe, as I watch this politically motivated beach spectacle take place, I must also stand dumbfounded that our leaders actually believe the state is going to build us a boardwalk ahead of fixing this states health care fiasco.

Rell already vetoed two bills, and CT has a 9 Billion Dollar Budget gap that is growing every day. One really has to wonder if our Lambert and Richetelli have any basis in reality on this boardwalk issue. While they both enjoyed some free press, I must sadly say... "Sorry Ms. Lambert and Mr. Richetelli if we cant afford schools, than it stands to reason that Milford cant afford a luxurious boardwalk."



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