Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dolphins Spotted In Long Island Sound

Experts say more dolphins are visiting Long Island Sound this summer. They say they've recorded a pod of at least 100 bottlenose dolphins in the Sound. Joseph Schnierlein of the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk says dolphins are often spotted in the Sound, but nobody's seen this many there since the 1950s.

Kim Durham of the Riverhead Foundation on Long Island says the coastal bottlenose dolphin is more commonly seen off the coast of New Jersey and farther south. She says the Long Island Sound dolphins should do well as long as they're not bothered by humans.

Boaters should be aware of their presence, and yield their boats until they pass. Some theories as to why they are here may be due to the positive environmental changes to the water quality in the sound. The Dolphins, also are feeding on the fauna which may be bountiful enough to keep them around.

Bloggers are posting videos of their dolphin encounters all over youtube and like blog sites Curious people can find some great videos of these encounters just by doing a simple video search.

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