Friday, November 16, 2007

Amann Wants to "Buy Your Vote!"

This is a quote taken from the movie Brewster's Millions, the movie is very apropos in lieu of the billions in bonding. There is one exception however, that the Millions Brewster was squandering was his inheritance, this made the movie rather funny. Amann on the other hand is squandering millions of your and my money, not even money that we have but rather money he has charged to our tax payer "credit cards."

Amann has yet to miss a photo opportunity to hand out a fat check. Just today in the CT Post he is brandishing a big fat check for a catholic school, last month he was charging up the largest boardwalk in CT, and the limelight surrounding his spending spree continues.

Meanwhile he swears on his latest Youtube video that all this money secured through bonding was because of Jody Rell that he has no control over the money issued, and yet he is going from charity to charity handing out money like a "drunken sailor."

Just yesterday, an old timer, and Korean War Veteran from Devon came in to my headquarters and said that there was a time when Milford really benefited from Amann's "liberal" spending approach to government. He, like many others in his circle of friends believe that such an approach is no longer good for Milford or CT.

The true issues of bonding are being neglected, and to take today's CT Post article to heart one must read on about the crisis in our prisons, a crisis that can only be resolved by more bonding debt. This debt however, is already critical due to special pet projects that Amann has so deliberately mis-prioritized to buy your vote. Continued spending leaves CT Citizens at risk for a repeat of horrible crimes commited in Cheshire by early parolees.

Additionally, an increasingly desperate situation is culminating in the next few years because of "Peak Oil," already now being debated by legislators in Hartford and presented on CT T.V. This coming energy crisis is serious, and addressing the problem is urgent. Unattainably high energy prices, are expectet to leave our schools hotter in the summer, colder in the winter, and stress out every tax payer with unconscionably high property taxes in a time of high forclosures. Mr. Amann's "Robin Hood" era will soon come to an end.

Once this occurs, the truth shall prevail about his true popularity when he is unable to use the state credit card to "Buy Your Votes."

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