Tuesday, November 27, 2007

From Global Warming to Weird Science

When I was a young kid I remember lots of snow each and every winter, I remember the snow plows in CT, NY, and NJ all the places that I once lived. As the years passed through my own eyes and the eyes of countless others I watched from season to season the waxing and waning of snow and heat.

Looking back now as an adult with a full 20 years of seasonal memories it is all but indisputable that the snow has done more waning than waxing. Listening to the complaints of the people who once made a lucrative snow plowing income, is an alarming sign that the snow industry here on coastal CT has been decimated.

For decades "Global Warming" and its link to our toxic CO2 auto exhaust has been blamed, and even more to blame our voracious consumption of fossil fuel products to maintain our pampered spoiled American lives. In all fairness lets not forget the last earthly crisis caused by human gas emissions. Much in the same alarmist manner as the CO2 fright fest there was once a scientific CFC panic. During this time we were all confused about aeresol cans as we were told our love of spraying was largely to blame for a giant hole in the ozone layer. That problem is apparently fixed because no one is very concerned enough to talk about it anymore.

However, the science of Global Warming is becoming more Science Fiction than Science Fact, and I attest to the weird science only, not the obvious indisputable warming that is an "open eyed" fact. To clarify this point, countless scientists, and researchers and media watchers have seen the Glaciers melt, have experienced the warmer winters and have noted the strange weather patterns. These are all a new and curious reality about our climate change on earth, the weird science occurs when Al Gore, The English Court, John Coleman, and incredibly Martian Ice is added to the equation.

To explain further, Al Gore (The only non-scientist) receives the Nobel Peace prize for his Global warming documentary "an Inconvenient Truth." Shortly after the British retaliate against his work and file suit calling his movie classroom propaganda. The British court agrees after experts called to testify debunk virtually everything in his entire documentary as factually inaccurate.

To add insult to injury, John Coleman the founder of the Weather Channel goes further and calls Global Warming a "The Greatest Scam in History." With that not enough some rogue thinking scientists decided to look at the ice caps on other planets to see how they were faring free from all our people and pollution. Strangely enough the ice caps on Mars are also retreating.

The absolute chicanery here is why in the world is the Earth warming? Could the Sun be getting hotter? What is the real science? I think some of the most respected and notable experts in America are today more confused than ever. There is always of course the Conspiracy theorists who always manage to think they figured everything out. They lead us to believe that this Global Warming Hoax is to implement a New World Order Tax in the form of a Carbon Tax every person on earth will be forced to pay. This tax, of course, will be used to limit the pollution that is heating Earth as the Weird Scientific data shows to be absolutely inconclusive.

Certainly I will personally say, once again, that I am no scientist or expert in the science of global warming, but I am adamantly against pollution. Ozone pollution is one Co2 problem that is prevalent in Fairfield County CT. Anything that pollutes our air should be a reason to oppose the polluters. My opposition on this issue does not stop at just Co2 pollution, it also extends to chemicals that pollute the air in our homes as well as cigarette smoke.

To summarize my views on Global Warming, we can simply say that I could care less about anything more than achieving clean air and renewable energy save the weird science and its associated tax scheme. I also believe that people in general would also support clean air and less taxes. As far as the bigger picture, it is clear to me that there is still too much confusion with too little science. The only part that matters to me as a potential legislator is all of us breathing easier, and breathing only the emissions of energy independent technologies.

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