Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Congratulations Jim Richetelly

Although only 80% of the actual vote has been tallied I feel it is safe to say that Jim Richetelli has won the election for Mayor of our town. Voter turnout was pretty low but when compared to the rest of the elections our town is pretty consistent as an overall percentage.

According to news 12 this is where it stands with the 80% of the count reported:

James Richetelli (GOP) 7,238 57%
Kerri Rowland (D) 5,439 43%

It is my opinion that Mr. Richetelli's lead of nearly 14% makes hin the undisputed winner. The likely hood of Rowland winning is slim as it would require the remaining 20% of uncounted voters to be 80% in her favor. This would be absolutely impossible, incredible and suspect given the 80% spread of 57% to 43%.

Tonight we can rest easy that our incumbent mayor has prevailed. Perhaps next election the Democrats will present a more qualified and charismatic leader to dethrone our incumbent. In a perfect world city leaders should not be dethroned on the basis of outlandish endorsements, or crazed advertising and spin, but instead defeated on the basis of greater Intelligence, competence, and qualifications.

To quote the Romans:

"What is popular is not always right, and what is Right is not always popular."

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