Thursday, November 8, 2007

Magnet School is a Great Opportunity for Milford Children

Last night I attended a meeting where John J. Curtis the Director of the Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture School addressed students from Fairfield and New Haven County. The scope of this meeting was a public open house to discuss the schools programs, and opportunities afforded children of public schools.

Many local schools have information available to students who wish to attend this program as integrated into their regular schooling. The Aqua Culture school will accept any student applying now from 8Th grade on. Information on enrolling your child can be obtained by contacting the school at (203) 337-0168.

The school is located right at Captains Cove in Bridgeport, and is building a very impressive national and international position in educational opportunity. I found the school to be technologically impressive with scores of computers used to teach children Computer Automated design of boats, and related parts. They offer mechanical courses on outboard boat engine repair and service, as well all farming of marine life such as fish and lobsters.

The students also have a full pathology lab where they can study adverse environmental health effects of animals that may have died or got sick from farming or environmental problems. The advanced labs are fully equipped with every type of scientific apparatus a child could need. Some of these include gas, microwave and light spectroscopy devices all of which are used to determine chemical composition of materials.

The school also has a 57 foot yacht to navigate around the Long Island Sound as part of scientific and exploratory adventures. This school provides ECE or early college experiences of which can be used for university credit. The school operates in conjunction with major universities in CT and beyond and has college professors who teach many of the accredited courses. The school also just recieved new grant money to complete a major expansion in the coming years.

This entire experience was a very positive and as such I highly recommend this school to parents who have qualifying children.

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