Friday, January 30, 2009

Few Jobs For The Jobless

This weeks news was all about Jobs, and the impending foreclosure fiasco that comes about because of unemployment. CT has seen an increase in both job losses and homelessness. This condition has been compared to 1983, the era of the Russian Scare and the fear of Nuclear War.

Since we are now in 2009, the new fear is "Terrorism" perhaps there is a parallel but I assure you it is a weak one at that. Our biggest problem at the moment is the continued loss of confidence in the U.S. Economy, and the inability of Congress or the President to win back peoples faith. Things could not be more divided today between Democrats and Republicans who in unison opposed Obama's stimulus plan as being "too large" and "too exclusive."

Ron Paul said that America cannot restore faith in its economy with the "same solutions that created the problem we are in." Not to say that Ron Paul is Einstein, but he said that "the problems we all face cannot be resolved by the same level of thinking that created them."

This translated to the current "Obamanomics" or a continuation of the Bush policy to continue to inject seemingly unlimited liquidity or "Money" in the Macro economy. For those who are wondering what the "Macro economy" is forget it because that is not you the average struggling person with a family.

As unemployment soars, yet again in our state, many have been asking what happened to the last two trillion dollars issued by way of the economic bailout plan. The answer from the man in charge of the money, none other than Ben Bernake the head of the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve Bank told the taxpayers "thanks for the money" but its "none of your business who we gave it to." Litigation to get answers is still pending in court as MSNBC and Bloomberg are both suing the Fed for disclosure.

What are the people of Connecticut to do when an estimated 46 out of 50 states are facing budget emergencies in the next two years? The loss of faith in America is evident and Congress has a pathetic 9% approval rating. Some believe that America is headed for a "total meltdown" of the US dollar and ultimately will experience worse street chaos than the Nixon era Antiwar protests.

Should our recession turn into a Depression, and I hope it never does, Americans will wake up real fast. A sobering reminder that voting alone is not enough anymore. The new lesson one where it becomes important to actually learn more about the people we put in charge of our life, our finances. We will learn real fast that our future is actually much more important than shallowly voting for someone who is popular.

The bitter reality is coming to pass as Voters, are increasingly left Jobless, Homeless, and in the Cold by the very politicians in Congress who promised the "Moon." Speak up against NAFTA, GAFTA, EPP, and the North American Union. These are the nails in Americas coffin.

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