Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jim Amann Gets "Hooked Up" With Controversial New Job.

Just when many Amman objectors thought "good riddance" to the former Speakers departure from politics a new surprise today. The Connecticut Post announced that the Speaker may have all along confirmed many suspicions and conspired against his colleagues in Hartford by using his former post for personal gain via a shady side deal.

The jaw dropping announcement puts current Speaker Donovan in an "unholy relationship" with his new consultant Jim Amann. While he may think he unwittingly outwitted and outflanked the ethics of his office, many of his colleagues, including top ranking Republicans are speechless this week.

The money trail is clear, $39K as Speaker or $120K as a consultant to the new Speaker. Aside from the fact that this denotes the epitome of Cronyism in the "N-Th" degree I would suggest we remember that Jim has always been at odds with his critics, including some Democrats who drove a hearse to Milford city hall to protest his run for governor.

To remember the past, he involved himself with a criminal gangster Joe Gentile as part of Hollywood East, an unproven debacle that is yet to produce more income than it depletes from our state in tax credits. That not being bad enough he also decided to openly and brazenly play the part of a gangster when he was caught on video speaking about "Crushing" his "Idiot" opponents.

What is even more disconcerting is that Jim still gets 60K out of the MS coffers as a salary for raising money. Some have suggested that donating to his MS charity resulted in favorable legislation. That alleged there is still more mainly the lucritive Three Million Dollar CEF Governor grant, money he may use to run for a Job he has no chance of winning. It is my opinion that he knows this, so the big question is what will happen to this cash, how will it be spent and whose hands will it fall into. Could it be Donovan for helping him out with a high paying job?

Jim may be well on his way for setting himself up for the same criticism that ultimately led to the demise of the John Rowland Administration. Aside from the irregular nature and harsh criticism that his business dealings have drawn he has now proven to the academic community that education is not important in the way of political success, after all a college drop out can become a house Speaker as well as gain employment in a 120K job formerly set aside for true experts with years of study in many disciplines.

Some people, I have spoke with, indicated that Amann has always lacked the mathematical and accounting skills necessary to even understand the states fiscal picture. This criticism came center stage when Jim bilked the taxpayers of $50,000 because a scaffold was in the way of his party spot at the capitol.

Connecticut now mired with billions in debt will be advising our new Speaker on a subject he cannot explain beyond a few simple words. Jim is investing his popularity and charm at the expense of the good people of Connecticut.

For those who are not yet bothered it is important to point out that there is now a real cause for concern. Concern emanating from the effects of the Amann aggregate to the current rampant cronyism. This is surely to stand in the way of true qualified experts dedicated to scientifically fixing the states problems. Connecticut is rich with many talented people, brilliant in the understanding of practices and principles of macroeconomics, taxpayer relations, and balancing budgets.

When states fail to step up the plate and enact the practice of "hooking up their friends" with "sweet jobs" we fall victim to the crippling effects of failing government by way of crippling budget deficits like the ones we see now. These budget deficits are growing every minute of every day and if you wonder where this all leads just read this article it is frightening.

It is all too sad to quote.

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