Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UI Rate Increase Zapped!

This is some very good news for consumers, showing that once again the monopolies do not have omnipotent powers. The last victory that served the public interest this well was the rejection of the LNG in the Long Island Sound.

Even with all the cheer now in motion, there is still some concern as the public score card of us against them is pretty dismal. To give an estimate of how it looks, one could could easily tally Two Wins for us Seven for the energy giants. This merely means that the public needs more practice in standing up against the very corporatism that chastises the wallets of all too many struggling families. The good news is that people are starting to "get it" we are standing up for ourselves better today than in the past. I wish to offer my thanks to all of you who turned off the "I Pod" stepped away from the TV and wrote a letter, instead of playing X Box or going out to a game.

UI is, at the moment is digesting their defeat, and much to their chagrin their stock will be battered over it. This is because failed avaricious greed also backfires punishing those executives who did not succeed in their obligation to enrich their stock holders. The party is clearly over, UI now has an "off balance" balance sheet has taken out a line of credit and shuttered its investors some of whom are livid and downgraded their stock.

Thankfully for the people of Milford these numerical complexities caused by this unholy Wall Street alliance is not our problem this go around, but the UI monsters are still scheming in the days to come. We wait in angst as they digest the DPUC report and prepare a retaliatory response this February 4th.

We are all nervously awaiting the next round of punches, and their new strategy in circumventing the very system that disallows them the freedom to charge at will. The bad news is that because of that attitude the people of Milford will never stop fighting them.

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