Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Novel Solution To The State Deficit

Some time ago about a year ago today to be precise I said that the economy and local businesses would falter. As our clueless leaders balk at the balanced budged amendment to the state constitution, they shutter at the thought of eliminating yet another 3 billion dollars from our state economy.

The impossible mission is to balance the budget and still have friends show up to your party at the local club. With the new legislature expected to arrive into session in the coming weeks, baptism by fire is apropos in lieu of the burgeoning budget catastrophe. But perhaps there is hope, and in times of turmoil it is always good to think "outside the box" something I think I may be good at.

But here is the big idea, and this idea is based on all the technology that I find so annoying. These include texting on your cell phone, X-Box, and like gaming consoles, dollar menu garbage food, game shows, Facebook, Myspace and of course the I-Pod and all those annoying musical devices that cloak people into the matrix of technology.

Safe to say that these technologies have become, in my opinion, as irritating as people who smoke near others, and drink until they have no friends and a reputation for drunkenness. This brings me to the point, how many people would object to being ejected or "taxed out" of the technology matrix.

The countless hours people and kids spend disconnecting from reality is really a disgrace, and on occasion I could personally say that I have witnessed the "looneyness" of texting friends and relatives in the same house. The cellular companies are getting wealthy with this trend alone, and the music industry is cashing in a good sum by selling 99 cent songs, the video game industry is already in "hot water" and is being forced to label their games, and even have recalled some like "San Andreas" a version of a killer road rage game called "Grand Theft Auto."

With our state leaders calling for a "balanced budged" i.e. Gov. Rell and Cafero, who wish to achieve this without raising taxes, should at least consider implementing a win/win tax approach to the financial malaise now at hand.

Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see a new tax implemented against the digital matrix of society. This in my opinion would be a blessing, a tax that makes gizmo's more of a luxury than a commodity. This of course could be thinly disguised as the lifeline our state so desperately needs. Why not tax it into the abyss? And as a last note stop sending "weed" smokers to prison for years and years shorten their sentence these people are "stoned" and the punishment does not fit the crime 3-6 months is plenty. Lots of savings there at $55,000.00 P/Y per prisoner.

Rocco Frank

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