Monday, June 29, 2009

Cap And Trade Bill May Bankrupt Milford

At the peak of the energy crisis, electricity along with pension obligations was cited as being one of the root causes of a whopping 8.1% tax increase. The quote below is from the Kerri Rowland website who published the article from the Feb. 2007NH Register.

"The mayor’s proposed city budget totals $92.6 million. This year it is $85.6 million. The combined city and schools proposed budget is $170.8 million, compared to this year’s $160.1 million, representing a 6.69 percent increase. The proposed budget basically keeps services at the same level. Fixed costs such as health insurance, electricity, contractual wages, pension contributions and workers compensation make up 91.2 percent of the increase."

Should our inept Congressmen continue to vote in favor of these bills without reading them, as they did in the "cap and trade" bill we could expect Two things for certain.

One... The economy will not recover, and Two... The city of Milford will have an inability to properly manage its finances save some extreme measures. This climate bill is the one praised by local Democrats and environmentalists in town who have no problem steering our community in the gutter over their belief that this giant tax bill will create something good.

To all those who may have forgot, Milford already saw a doubling of its electric rates over the last decade. The Obama energy bill will merely double it again or quadrupole your UI bill from eight years ago. This spells a disaster for every citizen of Milford, CT and the US.

Oh.. one final point, China and India do not have to cut their emissions. Are you ready to call our Senators Yet?


Update 6/29/09

All Five of our Ct Congressman, Himes, Delauro, Murphy, Larson, and Courtney approved this massive job killing massive tax hike bill. This proves what we all know, that CT's Congressmen have more in common with the Borg from Star Trek than actual free thinking patriots.

We should all be asking who runs the Caucus in CT and why are the Voters excluded from the decision making process? This is a "slap in the face" to all those people in CT who bravely took to the streets by way of a "Tea Party." In case our leaders in Congress did not get it, the purpose of that "Tea Party" was an emblematic protest of our voice against the excessive tyranny caused by excessive public regulation and taxation that our Congressmen routinely vote in favor of.

Update 6/30/09

Jim Himes Praises 1,300 page Energy Bill he did not even read!! Lord Help Us All!!

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