Monday, June 22, 2009

Mike Brown, Jon Kantrowitz, And The Milford Blogs

These are two of Mil fords cyberbloggers, mostly responsible for the conflicting insanity that exists in the blogosphere. Kantrowitz is associated with my former Fairfield University professor Dr. Orman, and both chair the rather meaningless and ridiculous Connecticut For Lieberman Party. Kantrowitz featured here with his Jim Himes support stickers recently wrote this hit piece on Jim Himes pledging to withdraw his support over a letter he received about fiscal responsibility at the federal level.

Recently I wrote an article about Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital in Darien, also a macroeconomic expert on issues of financial responsibility, and again Kantrowitz responded with this Hit Piece attacking Schiff, his family and spinning his comments out of context.

While Mike Brown featured above and seated to the right of Jon wearing a "T" shirt on his head and another on himself bearing what appears to be a South Park Character Jon is to his left sporting a cup of beer and smiling.

These two folks are key Democratic leaders in the town of Milford and are influential over the language and attacks in cyberspace. Part of our mission here at the Milford daily blog is to introduce you to our community leaders up close and personal and while I have gobs of information on both these guys, lets just politely say the photo of these two says it all.

This photo (From the Lamont Lieberman Era) is the rest of the very partisan and opinionated Democratic Blogging machine.

(L to R) Jon Kantrowitz, CT Blogger, Tessa Marquis, CTKeith, Caffeinated Geek Girl, Spazeboy, CT Joyce, and "Blog Wars" documentarian Will Dixon. Not featured in this photo is CTBOB, or Milford's own Bob Adams.

Bob Adams filmed this world famous career wrecking Amann video. Today Adams is working for Milford Government Access television, but only after addressing concerns that he would not introduce his partisan flare into the professional standards demanded by our public access channel supervisors.

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