Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Computer Recycling In Milford

The ComputerFox at 374 New Have Ave. in Milford is accepting computers for recycling. While we do not have an event day our location is open for recycling Monday through Saturday from 12-4P.M.

The ComputerFox will accept old monitors, Software, Laptops, Desktops, and computer peripherals such as old drives, keyboards and mice. No appointment is required, there is no fee for dropping off items and for those concerned about identity theft a separate service is available for a $20.00 fee. This service will guarantee that all vital data on your Hard Drives is securely erased and your drive recycled.

The ComputerFox has recycled countless computers over the years, with many donated to needy families, used as discount repair parts, or sold as low cost alternatives to struggling people with limited income. The Computerfox offers its in-house computers for free to any job seekers.

Anyone who is a recipient of state assistance and has children in a Milford School are also eligible for a free computer for the duration of that persons kids education in Milford Schools.

For More information on computer recycling contact our office by clicking the $99 ad to the right, or call us at (203) 647-0380.

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