Friday, June 26, 2009

Democrats Allege Cross Endorsements From Republicans

The following quote was published at the Milford Democrats website the issue comes up time and again in relation to "cross endorsements." We know a few short years ago the Republicans gave a DE-FACTO cross endorsement of Amann when they ran no one against him. We also know Milford Republicans and Democrats make deals with each other around election time. The Independent Party points these facts out all too well and the quotation below just proves yet again that there is a false "left-right" paradigm here in Milford.

Quoted Text

"The Milford Democratic Party will convene it's Convention at the glorious gold-domed City Hall to vote in the slate for this year's Municipal elections. Some incumbents, some new faces, all great Dems!

The 2009 campaign encompasses candidates for Mayor, Board of Aldermen, Board of Education, Planning and Zoning Board and City Clerk. Traditionally, the position of City Clerk is cross-endorsed by the Republican Party, so that's settled.

All are welcome to join us at the Convention, although only Town Committee members will be permitted to vote."


Update 7/7/09 From The Milford RTC Website

Republicans Will Not Cross-Endorse Kim Rose for City Clerk

"Milford Republicans will not be cross endorsing this year’s Democratic candidate for City Clerk. During the last few elections, Republicans did cross-endorse Alan Jepson but Mr. Jepson was a unique individual who had an outstanding record serving the city of Milford for many years and had conducted the affairs of his office in a truly non-partisan fashion. Republicans did what they felt was best for the city.

It appears that there are two possible Democratic candidates for City Clerk. No one has ever accused Kim Rose of being non-partisan and Dick Roy seems to view the office as a way to supplement his state pension. Mr. Roy may deserve thanks for his years of service in the state assembly but not a $71,443 a year golden parachute."


Anonymous said...

Rocco, Rocco, Rocco - are you really THAT nutty?

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Well, looks like Richetelli is going to support Jim Amann for Governor, In the past Republicans let him run unopposed. Now the Dems Alledge a cross endorsement on City Clerk due to a tradition of sorts. You are right this is Nutty. Also have you seen JR's picture, Jim R looks like he was having a great time at Amann's Gubernatorial Party. I cant wait to see the list of Republican Donors, and Vice Versa on all these Races.

Lets see where people put their Money.