Monday, June 29, 2009

"Czar's" in Milford Are a Communist Concept

This is no joke, I picked up the Connecticut post today and there it was talk of a "Blight Czar." The first thing I thought of was the record number "Czars" that are now embedded into the Obama administration.

Just so we are clear here the word Czar means a Communist Russian "Emperor or King." Americas longest serving Democratic Congressman Rep. Byrd wrote a letter to Pres. Obama concerned that the record 18 czars in his administration represent a hazard that "can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances."

We do not need to start that outrageous practice here in Milford. The thought of letting future Mayors appoint PAID Czars outside the confirmation of the board of alderman, or without the consent of the governed, are far outside the principles of our Democratic Republic. Personally I heard these blight complaints about a year ago when I was out and about campaigning in the 118th district, some are reasonable and valid, others are mean spirited and an act of revenge against a neighbor. I also met people who were concerned with blighted commercial properties and wanted something done to improve them. I suppose with much heavy industry and commercial property in trouble, some ideas are ready to be put on the table.

What remains unclear to me is what exactly constitutes a "blighted property." If the definition extends to people who forgo home repairs in lieu of having a place to live, or a widow whose husband is no longer living to make home repairs, than no thanks on pursuing this idea.

However, if this idea is directed at abandoned properties and properties that pose a danger (such as a fire, structural, or intrusion hazard) that can harm others, than I agree. Certainly our town has a zoning and planning board, zoning enforcement board, and an office of Community and Economic Development. Milford also has a the additional Devon Revitalization Committee and as well as several other venues not mentioned to improve the look of our community.

The thought of appointing a Plight "Emperor or King" is funny and yet repulsive. Perhaps Milford's elected officials should focus on applying local laws without the imposition of tyrannical Communist Style "Czars." If you are wondering what a Communist "Czar" looks like see the above photo. (Save the bulldozer)

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