Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lambasting Milford's Barbara Lambert

It has been nearly a year since our Freshman Representative has taken office in Hartford at the state capitol. Many folks have been asking me what she has been up to because there is nothing in the papers about her positions, no mention of how she is implementing her "plan" or how she is challenging "utilities" "taxes" and all the buzz she put in her mass mailed sales brochure. To be quite honest I personally have not seen or heard a thing about how she is serving Milford, not in the papers or in the news.

Today I googled her name, and I even visited her legislative website. It mentions she is on a labor committee, and some other trivial "hoopla" and the Google results just come up with a bunch of other self promoting party propaganda probably written by herself, kids, friends, and party bosses.

While she is off in space somewhere, Milford is in the process of having its school funding cut from the state, and yet I have not heard a mention that she somehow is for or against this. I and other parents, would like to know what Ms. Lambert (and our other representatives are doing)to save our school funding from the cutting board? Now that I am personally running for the board of ed I am going to voice my complaint here since she is basically MIA on all issues. Most people I speak with, especially those who voted for her along with Obama, do not even remember her or know who she is, but when I asked them how they voted they said all Democrat.

To cut to the chase on this one, I am personally very disappointed that Ms. Lambert does not seem to stand for anything, that she is making no effort to take a public stance in the papers to defend the things that are being taken from our town. The Courthouse Annex, green energy, the Boardwalk and now our schools are about to be shortchanged further. I think we need to ask Ms. Lambert "what exactly are you doing and why are you not standing up for our town?"

I am personally really disappointed that she is not fighting hard for us. Milford deserves better.


Governor Rell's budget cuts would:

* Reduce many state education grants by 10% from their current funding level.

* Reduce special education service grants by 10% in all municipalities.

* Eliminate state funding for internet access, and filtering of "adult" content in all public libraries and K-12 schools in Connecticut.

* Eliminate or reduce by 40% the amount of state funding given to local health departments and health districts.

These cuts would come on top of other cuts in municipal aid or flat-funding of programs that our cities and towns rely on. The Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) grant, which is the largest portion of state aid for local education in Connecticut, would be flat-funded for the two year budget. In addition, other programs such as the PILOT (Payment-In-Lieu-of-Taxes) Grant, which helps cities and towns make up for tax losses for tax exempt properties such as state property, hospitals and universities, have been reduced as well. These cuts, along with elimination of funding for our libraries, will put a strain on our municipalities.


Mike Brown said...

Your article is a complete falsehood.

Barbara Lambert has sponsored on signed on to 144 bills this session.,%20Barbara%20L.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

If you had read the article, you would realize that Lambert has been deafly silent to the public. While Dick Roy is Retiring and Paul Davis is always working closely with Gayle Slossberg on issues, whats Barabara's excuse?

She was not elected to collect a salary, she was elected in a difficult climate amid a stress out public constituency, she was real vocal during the campaign now that she is elected I guess we do not deserve to be communicated with? Mike you Democrats have good reason to be smug, you own every seat at the state, federal level, and you are about to turn Milford into a Party town much like Communist China.

If nothing else please do not let your parties power and influence get to your head. You do not own me or anyone else in this town I highly recommend a course in humility.

As for your website anyone can sponsor a bill, that takes no effort what exactly is your point?

Tessa Marquis said...

As usual, *you* miss the point. I went up to Hartford several times during the session and saw Barbara Lambert at work. I see her at community meetings. I watch CT-N on television or streaming at my computer.

I can read the website well enough to see that she is on three committees: Labor, Environment, and Housing. This is not 'trivial "hoopla"'. With a little bit of computer skill you too could follow through to check on her voting record, her attendance, and her work.

She is not off in space. You are. This is disgraceful claptrap and you should know better.

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Somehow, I think that you and Democratic Party boss Mike Brown think that I just make this stuff up to be mean.

Really I do not, personally I am getting tired of people asking me what she is up to. Nothing on the radio, nothing in the weekly, nothing any place an ordinary person can get information.

If you think the average person in Devon or her district is to be expected to googling, and following links.. well your dreaming. That is exactly my point she is off in the clouds, or to be agreeable with your comment "website" aka cyberspace. To the average senior that may as well be "off in space."

Anonymous said...

Why are people asking *you* what Rep Lambert is doing? Don't be silly. They should ask her.

Nobody should ask Joe Biden what Sarah Palen is up to.

Anonymous said...

These are people that supported me last Nov. If you do not recall I was the Independent along with Nancy Seltzer the Republican Contender for the 118th District House Seat. Now that I am running for board of ed and I am out knocking on doors again... well I guess many people still remember me from last year, and also that Barbara won the election. No one really knew what she was up to, so they were asking me if I knew. She really should get out into the public more, Amann did a great job of that even though not everyone liked or agreed with him.