Thursday, April 8, 2010

Criminals, Barry Saetoro's War, and Sikorski Helicopters


No you will not see this on America's joke news networks they are too busy talking about celebrity panties, and who killed their baby. Also remember that our censored news networks had no problem booting Phil Donahue, Peter Arnette, Lou Dobbs, and Dan Rather off the air. They send a firm and stern message that the people of America are to be kept ignorant of the reporters they order retaliated against.

The reporters targeted and killed in this video, were accused of carrying weapons. Their defence is that they could not tell the difference between a camera and an anti aircraft weapon. Even so they were all clearly "Disarmed" and yet the criminals lying and flying chose to murder them anyway.

This footage is only intended to mar those individuals responsible for this hanus, premeditated and horrible crime. We maintain that their actions are not indicative of all U.S. soldiers and should not be construed as propaganda against our good troops who would never lie to kill reporters.

If you disliked Obama AKA (Barry Saetoro) before the war, this should really add more fuel to the fire of his protracted invocations of hatred that are bankrupting our nation.

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