Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Milford Student Expresses Concern Over Cyberbullying

The note arrived to me by e-mail. It was sent by Janet Garagliano of Jonathan Law HS and I am reposting it to this blog to help raise cyberbullying awareness information available to parents in our community. Please read the following message and, if you have kids, get familiar with the facts and solutions to this growing technological crime problem.

Ms. Gargliano states in her e-mail: "Recently a student came to me to express her concern about Cyberbullying and the potential impact bullying of any type has on her schoolmates. This student, Jennie Sharp, wanted to do something about this problem. I guided her a bit; but most of what we will be doing at Law to recognize Cyberbullying month is the direct result of Jen's initiative.

All Health as well as Drug and Alcohol Prevention classes will engage in a variety of activities including a presentation by Detective Frawley. I have posted on our website, [http://teacherweb.com/CT/JonathanLawHighSchool/schoolhomepage/sdhp1.aspx]
some documents that you might find helpful to use with your child at home. These documents will serve as a complement to the materials that our teachers will be using. It may be the case that your child is not enrolled in either of the above mentioned classes, so they will have a chance to review the materials with you.

I hope you find these materials useful. I would like to thank Jennie for all her hard work as well as her concern for her schoolmates."

The concern over Cyberbullying came "front and center" last month when Phoebe Prince was bullied into a state that rendered her life so psychologically challenged that she decided to end it.

The work that is being done here is to pre-emptively address this issue before it becomes of concern, or creates victims within our own schools. Anyone with kids that are at risk for this kind of crime should take the time to get informed.

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