Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Milford's Charles Buck Jr. Honored With Masons Highest Post

Milford has a rather small quiet lodge on the town green aptly named Ansantawae after the Indian who sold the land. That lodge has a legacy going back over 150 years, and just yesterday one of its beloved leaders Charles A. Buck Jr. was bestowed with Masonry's highest honor.

Buck is this years Grand Master, a post that few masons will even attempt to seek because it brings a commitment to the bretheren that requires lots of free time and great sacrifice. The hours are long, the committments great and there is little to no compensation for all the work that must be achieved.

Some masons stand in line for as long as 20 years to get this post, and only those who exemplify a true love and commitment to Masons and Masonry will ever achieve the post.

Yeterday evening, in Farmington Connecticut, the annual meeting of all Connecticut lodges took place at the Marriott hotel. In attendence were the leaders of almost every lodge in the state of Connecticut, and Masonic leaders from all over New England and as far as Canada. Every chapter of Masonry was also represented from the historic Knights Templar, to the Shriners who are always remembered for their little cars and fancy hats during parades.

The event was marked with a tearful departure of last years leader and was soon ushered in with Charles Buck who was blessed with the support of thirty people from his home lodge in Milford. Bucks family was there to proudly witness his installation and his wife who was ill, was watching electronically with an internet video stream so that she too also take part in her husbands grand honor.

Charlie Buck was enthusiastic about his new post, and his lodge whom were very proud of his accomplishments, took to the stage at the conclusion of the event and all began singing to the amusement of every one there.

The people of Milford ought to be proud of the achievement of one of its own citizens, I and all the members of my lodge Daytime 144, wish him the best of luck in the coming years and sincerely hope he will continue in the great work of helping others, especially children and the elderly.

There will be several public events where one could meet Mr. Buck at Ashlar of Newtown, in Newtown Ct. those events are published at the State website for Masonry

Should anyone be interested in joining the Charitable Masonic organization, the process is simple. Find a mason and ask him to join.

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