Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photo Of The Day

Milford's Democratic Party boss Mike Brown, poses with the embattled Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz. Susan is currently in a battle royal with the states courts who are preventing her from running for Richard Blumenthals position Attorney General.

The courts are upholding the law that in order to run for the AG post 10 years of experience as a licensed practicing Attorney are required. Ms. Bysiewicz failed to pay her fee to the state, and the state is arguing that because of that error she was a "non-practicing" attorney for those years.

After a series of difficult and embarrassing depositions, the "clock ticks" as the election approaches. Recent polls indicate that if the primary were held today Ms. Byczewits would win the AG bid for the Democratic party.

Helping those poll numbers is her work from three years back. Bysiewicz was involved in voter registration drives for the Democratic party. Many of the people she registered were qeustionable newly naturalized former illegal immigrants. Her push placed many new Democratic non-english speaking voters in the state of Connecticut that raised a fire storm of controversy.

It would appear that the same "loophole" that got her poll numbers up, also works for the states taxpayers and the "Rules of Law" we all live by. I suppose not wanting the law applied to her self is a shocking and "distasteful start" to seeking a post as CT's Attorney General.

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