Friday, April 2, 2010

Milford Independent Town Committee Cross Endorses Sen. Gayle Slossberg

The Milford Independent party has found a friend in State Senator Gayle Slossberg. Gayle’s efforts to secure funding for third parties in Connecticut is the principle motivating factor in the aforesaid defacto endorsement by the MIP.

Gayle is one of the principal architects of the Citizens Election Program. This program delivers funds to third parties by way of disbursement of abandoned bank accounts. Gayle is bravely engaged in an epic battle against Republican State Chairman Chris Healy who is actively lobbying Hartford to scrap the CEP program.

The MITC is of the opinion that this years political climate is expected to be particularly difficult for Democratic contenders. The Milford Independents who traditionally yield 10% of the city vote, urges all our independent supporters to vote for Gayle in her bid to win re-election in the 2010 State senate race.

Gayle will appear on both the Democratic, and Independent lines this coming election. As such her votes will be combined and count in their aggregate hence making no difference in the outcome of this years election.

We sincerely hope that all Milford citizens, who like Gayle, but not the positions of state government, express their discontent by voting the Independent line this November.

According to Rocco Frank, the Milford Independent Town Committee Chairman, “too many people are voting at their mailbox, and as such we throw elections to those individuals who are not in the best interest of our community.”

This year we are asking the general public to vote for those candidates, like Gayle Slossberg, who have a record of serving Milford’s citizens and support the vital funding program enacted under the Citizens Election Program.

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