Thursday, April 8, 2010

Milford's Gregg Smith Wants You To Speak Up Tonight

Greg Smith, Chairman of the Board of Aldermen, said "Given the current state of the economy and the problems in Hartford and Washington, you, the citizens of Milford, along with your Aldermen, have got some very difficult decisions to make concerning the services we receive and taxes we all pay for them.

Many Milford families are struggling, having lost a job or at risk of losing a job, and making due with reduced income or no pay raise. Seniors received no cost of living adjustment this year. All of us must work together to find the best solutions for our community. Our Mayor and Board of Finance have labored to find the right balance. Now is your chance to be heard before your Aldermen take up the task of completing the budget.

We will hold a public hearing on the city budget this Thursday, April 8th at 7pm.

Interest groups will be here to voice their opinions, as is their right. I urge all taxpayers to come to your City Hall and be heard on your budget. We will stay as long as it takes to hear you. If you have an opinion on the city budget, your Aldermen hope to see you Thursday night at 7:00pm."

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