Thursday, July 22, 2010

Federal Government Invades Milford Business Owners

Nothing invokes greater fear, anxiety, or stress than the tormentive and mean spirited actions of the IRS. Once empowered to collect taxes, the agency and its agents have become synonymous with the only form of Government sanctioned terrorism against the general public whom they sadistically impose draconian tax collection measures. Measures that would have made Julius Caesar blush.

The silent coup de tat is now no more, especially since in the age of bailouts the website is bragging about cleaning out struggling businesses and individuals.

The idea to write about this issue came to me when two IRS agents walked into my store looking for information about a business owner that once resided next door to me. Then I saw the same individuals at the auto Repair shop where I was getting my car repaired and then it occurred to me to start asking questions and do some research on exactly how many businesses this agency was bullying in our community.

If we go just with the raw statistics posted at their website it is safe to assume that about 10% of our entire city is being punished by this agency and that was in 2007. I made some telephone calls and spoke with a friend of mine who works for the agency and he confirmed that collection and collection practices continue to accelerate in local communities throughout the recession.

He said that "IRS enforcement against financially strapped individuals and businesses is directly responsible for a very large number foreclosures in the area." The agency has no rgrets nor does it care about the losses it induces on big banks, credit card companies or the overall economy. He said that "the data he saw indicates that for every dollar of tax that is forcebly collected from a small business or a homeowner, big banks, landlords, suroounding businesses and local vendors lose about $2.00 as a result of the economic wreckage they leave behind."

The IRS has replied that "No other expenses are permitted when taxes are owed period." Taxes we would all think must be paid because we are required as a nation to maintain our infrastructure, build roads, pay for the military and keep us united as a country. So it would stand to reason that one would wish to see exactly where all these payroll taxes and income taxes go.

In my research I could find only one such study done in the 1980's by Ronald Reagan and that report was titled the GRACE COMMISSION REPORT click HERE to view it. The report concluded at a time when our national debt was roughly 3T that almost every penny collected in income tax was confiscated and rendered back to big international banks as interest. The Grace Commission further added that we get vitually $0.00 back in the services taxpayers would expect to see for their money.

Sadly the American people and those people interviewed in Aaron Russo's FREEDOM TO FASCISM all indicated that "they are afraid of their government and chose to pay the tax just to avoid problems."

There are people in Congress who have fought the Austerity destroying measures by the IRS and one such person James Trafficante, successfully introduced what he called the "Trafficant language" into a congressional bill that forever changed the burden of proof the IRS requires of those people it interrogates and then charges with tax crimes. Soon after the bill passed and according to Alex Jones Trafficant was set up, charged with corruption, and tax evasion and furthermore had his entire congressional district gerrymandered in order that he never return to Congress. This sent a message that resonated throughout the halls of Congress that if any Congressman dare challenge the IRS, or the U.S Treasury a full scale retaliation will be waged against you and your career destroyed. Ronald Reagan Ironically was also shot and was also under constant duress by those enemies of our Free Republic who find the notion of an American Superstate ripe with Freedom and Opportunity, Repugnant.

While the official statistics have not yet surfaced for the attack on our austerity in 2008-2010 what has is the local TEA Party and those individuals who feel we are Taxed Enough Already. As the annals of big corporate bailouts are being doled to everyone who is in the inner sanctum of the "good old boys club in Washington D.C." the middle class who asked for relief has been getting Increasingly audited, levied and forced into foreclosure by a government intent on expanding an agency whose sole purpose is to crush and punish individuals in order to collect Income Tax money that builds and offers nothing in return.

The Tea Party movement has become our modern day Paradox, one where individuals who want real reform over the issues of Taxation without representation, are at odds with those who feel bigger government and more taxes is the answer. Our future leaders are increasingly adopting a platform to "get the government off peoples backs" and are demanding the government start using tax dollars as they were intended, to pay for services and construction projects that benefit the infrastucture and security of America not give it away to big banks as interest on money they created through "quantitative easing" or in other words "out of thin air."

The Tea Party is tired of Tax dollars being funneled away from the local economy to increase National debt and the size of Government. This is what Obama Care will do when it starts to add 16,500 more Austerity destroying IRS agents to the rank and file of the overbloated Federal Government. For a long time it has been clear that the faultering state of our nation has been creating hardships, and in the wake of such hardships Socialism seems like the answer that is untill you consider that 45 Million Americans are on Food Stamps, Food Pantries are in a crisis, and the American Middle Class is in a crisis as a result of this nations Wealthiest American's taking all their money and leaving the country. Soon our egality will arrive in the form mutual distrust, hunger, and scarcity.

The purpose of this article today is to let all know that under no circumstance should you ever be afraid of your Government. That fear is what gives rise to the misplaced power that threatens our way of life. In these challenging times the answer is to not be afraid, do not be afraid to confront these agencies whose sole purpose is to satisfy their insatiable demand for money. The best way to win against the IRS is to just surrender, let them have what they demand they are going to get it anyway. In the meanwhile try to start enjoying your life the best way you can, get politically active, exercize your rights and learn to survive in the leanest way possible... and... most importantly only vote for and support people like James Trafficant and Peter Schiff. We retaliate against the IRS by voting for and supporting those individuals for Congress and the Presidency who are intent on marginalizing reducing the size of the IRS to rubble. Spread the word!

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