Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tom Marsh Vision Stirs Up Gubernatorial Race

Waging an independent campaign for governor, Tom Marsh doesn't have access to the funding, volunteers and other resources routinely available to major party candidates.

But the Chester first selectman, who abandoned his bid for the GOP nomination three months ago, said there's one advantage to not having to woo party insiders: He can tell voters the truth about the largest budget deficit in state history.

•Facing the budget: Fourth in a series
"You have to adhere to the party rhetoric in order to get the attention of the rabid followers, and that's who makes up the town committees," Marsh said in an interview last week. "I don't think the solutions to the state's problems are going to be found in either party's rhetoric, yet that's the system we have here."

For Marsh, running as the candidate of the Independent Party of Connecticut frees him to talk about solutions he's convinced will infuriate hard-core Democrats or Republicans - and in a few cases both.

It means a higher tax burden, including higher rates for the rich and a modest new contribution from the poor, as well a repeal of some of the myriad tax credits and exemptions for special interests.

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