Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Milford's Two Party System Perilously Ignores Towns Independent Party

When reading the propaganda at the towns Republican and Democratic website the message is always the same Republicans are at fault for everything bad and Democrats decry that they are responsible for everything good. Never is there a mention of the Independent party of this town.

The very notion of watching these two special interest groups fight and wrangle over control of the millions and millions of dollars at their disposal has become truly repulsive. The Independent party has been working and working hard not just locally but state wide to give every man, woman and child an honest government.

As this article is being written, on the steps of Hartford 32 Independent state candidates are being announced for office. All these candidates, and their posts including one US Senate post and 3 Congressional seats are under the exclusive direction of CT most effective minor political party.

In previous elections Independents qualified for large sums of public money, and in many towns have gotten in excess of 25% of the total vote. Our trust with the community is becoming well known and widely respected. The Independent party has achieved this record by quietly working, and working hard to rise up from nothing in 2006 to an evolutionary paradox that has become loved and hated at the same time by the very political duopoly it threatens to challenge.

When independents serve to sink the Democrat, the Republicans cheer and befriend them and when the Independents serve to sink a Republican the Democrats cheer and befriend them. The reckoning is already here in many towns, and the lesson of power is sometimes in the hands of those you would least expect.

Deciding elections on propaganda, lies and coercion alone no longer works in many towns across the state and the Independent Party is already in a position to tell the two party duopoly that we do not like their candidate or the lies they drop in our mailboxes. In many instances by way of cross endorsements we are now becoming more able to tell corrupt lawmakers that public errors can and will be corrected when we know better.

The values that we expect of our public officials are crystal clear and demands very high standards. The Independent party expects that our leaders not lie, cheat, or steal from the taxpayers. The Independent party demands that all our leaders not only just swear an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution but actually really do it. We expect our leaders to protect and fight for the inalienable rights of all individual citizens regardless of race, creed, social status or religion. Lastly none are more disliked than those who cow and buckle under the threat of the Federal Government and their flawed policies that render constant injury to middle class citizens everywhere nor do we support any leader that sponsors, votes for, or presents any legislation that threatens the individual rights of all people; those rights being liberty, prosperity, and egality.

At no time in this towns history, or at least since the historic victory of the late Charles Iovino in the 1960's has the resolve of the Independent Party been so great. As the "Republicrat" duopoly continues to grasp at straws and the city continues its bipartisan downward spiral into the abyss of induced over taxation, and poor fiscal discipline I would expect our ambitious Faux Pas leaders rush to wave every piece of unprovable flowery facts in our faces. Thankfully, we know differently and all one has to do is read back in this well documented blog and just know that it is the local Milford Independent Party that continues to show you the reality of the town in which we live in.

For today we are happy that the "Republicrats" have forgotten us, but as we enter the political season set to kick off in August we will not be forgotten for long! Thankfully we have lots of questions and facts to put on record. Be warned the Eagle is rising fast!

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