Thursday, July 15, 2010

Independents Sign 11,000 Voters And Announce 30 Candidates

Independent Party Submits 11,000 Signatures for Statewide Slate, Announces 30 Candidates for Legislative Offices

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Marsh and other leaders of the Independent Party will hold a press conference on Tuesday, July 20 at 3pm on the north steps of the State Capitol Building in Hartford, Connecticut to announce the submission of 11,000 signatures to place a statewide slate of candidates on the ballot in the general election in November 2010. 7,500 validated signatures of Connecticut registered voters are required by state law.

Mike Telesca, State Agent for The Independent Party and Waterbury Town Chairman will introduce Governor candidate Tom Marsh and his running mate, Lt. Governor candidate Cicero Booker Jr., and two candidates seeking the nomination of the Independent Party for U.S. Senate, Dr. John Mertens and Warren Mosler, will also speak along with other candidates in attendance.

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