Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Waves Drive Up Cost Of Water

Aquarion Water Company, the supplier for Milford and its surrounding towns is warning that the heat wave affecting our area is creating a surge in water usage. The surge broke all recent records when the outflow meter topped 120 million gallons in just one day.

Aquarion said that the system is being tested to new levels and reports of brown water have surfaced. Some concerned over the "muddy water" feared they were getting the bottom scum of an empty reservoir, however this according Aquarion is not the case. Aquarion said that all drinking water fills very large tanks at night but excessive use is not allowing the tanks to fill completely adding a strain on those water users south of Milford.

The people who live south of Milford have pipes that reduce in size therefore the more water we use the less water is available to those in Fairfield county. The water company is advising that residents with odd street Numbers water their lawns on odd days, those with even numbered homes should water their lawns on even numbered days.

The national weather service has indicated that the record breaking triple digit heat wave is expected to continue for a few more days. Thereafter thunderstorms will arrive and with it some slightly cooler temperatures.

Should the heatwave continue unabated inducing an added strain on our water delivery system Aquarion said they will "dramatically increase the cost of water" to force conservation.

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