Monday, December 10, 2007

Amann Dream's He is Governor LOL!

The December 6Th edition of the Milford Weekly was quite amusing, as Rep. Amann is featured smirking on the front page and aspiring to become our state Governor. This delusion of grandeur was a shock, especially since I thought his "crush" comment was about as arrogant, grandiose and over the top as he could get.

Some of the locals I spoke with in town, have been chuckling about Mr. Amann's unconventional way's of leadership. Bafoon style leadership that separate him from the masses. I have heard all kinds of stories about Mr. Amann from how he plans on fixing up our Johnathan Law High School to how he started a fire there as a kid.

The amount of diverging opinions about our overzealous, and yet very generous (with your CT tax dollars) leader is almost too much to think about. While the last election for mayor was somewhat of a political carnival, with guest appearances from Joe Lieberman, Ned Lamont, and a host of hypocritical endorsements I certainly promise not to subject the already disenfranchised voters of the 118th with anymore carnival like political theatrics.

Mr. Amann having run unopposed in the last election has not even a clue what people think of him. It has been four long years since his last contested election, and I imagine that the sprawling growth of Milford combined with its aggregate cyclical turnover has left him quite exposed to a new breed of voters.

If these voters are likened to the ones I read about on the web, Mr. Amann may be in for an upset come the 2008 election. I can can imagine nothing more embarrassing than to announce you will "crush" any "idiot" who runs against you, then announce your bid for Governor and lose your election to a Computer Repairman who recently arrived to Milford from Westport.

Mr. Amann if you are reading this, than you must know how my loss for words must amuse you. Should that smirk I always see on your face be indicative of your signature as our representative, than I look forward to 2008 where I can seriously bring to the table my Independent non partisan leadership. Smirk free leadership that will address our community problems free from the grandiosity, tyrannical remarks and delusions of grandeur.

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