Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Joe Liberman Endorses John McCain

This endorsement was no surprise to me, it is about what I expected from Joe Lieberman once a Democrat, and now a party flip flop. Many people in my circles have argued that any 2008 Presidential candidate should be aware that Joe has become the "third rail" of politics.

This opinion of mine, has to do with his politics of party betrayal as demonstrated by Joe in the last Senate race where he "back stabbed" his own party when he lost fair and square to Ned Lamont. I also call him the "third rail" because many of my friends who study political science have said that he was Al Gore's biggest mistake, and essentially, his pro-war hawkish stance in that election cost Gore the needed votes to win the Presidency. Joe Lieberman's politics have more in common with CIA counter intelligence mole tactics, than a U.S. Senator.

John McCain is who I expected Joe to endorse, this is because McCain is the only ex-veteran running in 08 that is intent on staying the course in the current Middle East conflict. He is also in support of America's global "military empire" agenda.

His closest "weapon building" supporters here in CT must be proud of his endorsement, as CT has a very large military industrial lobby that stands to reap big profits from protracted wars. Lets not forget that Sikorsky sells WAR helicopters, Electric Boat sells WAR submarines, United Technologies WAR electronics, Hubble sells WAR satellites, and many other big WAR profiteers here in our state. How could they not love "hawkish Joe" and this endorsement of his?

If I may put it in a few short words, it all boils down to WAR, PROFITS, and contempt for what it is you want for America "PEACE." Unfortunately, Joe Lieberman is so pro-war that he would have endorsed "Dracula" if he were on the Presidential ballot. Instead we got our U.S. Senator throw his support to the most militarily aggressive candidate in the Presidential lot, ex-pow and military officer John McCain. Thank you Joe, for once again forgetting you were once a Democrat, and thanks again for throwing more of Ct's votes to the only true Republican peace candidate Ron Paul.

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